The Basque Country is cycling.

There are few regions around the world where cycling is so deeply rooted in the local culture and adopted by so many people.

The playing field

We are a small region, but one with uneven terrain that offers us magnificent roads on which to enjoy cycling. It’s a well-prepared playing field where a number of races are held, including some of the most prestigious ones on the international calendar.

The fans

The Basque passion for cycling is exceptional. It’s not just a matter of the fans, it’s our culture and it’s recognized around the world.

The material

Basque cycling is so deeply rooted that even on an industrial level we are internationally recognized in the world of cycling. An industry of cutting-edge technology at the service of people.

Our mission

To continue to contribute to the development of Basque cycling. To foster the evolution and improvement of the sport, generation after generation, and to continue to be an international leader.

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