The Fundación Euskadi announces the 2020 season



The Fundación Euskadi announces the 2020 season

During the announcement, held at the Meliá Hotel in Bilbao, Fundación Euskadi President Mikel Landa, Manager Jesús Ezkurdia and Sports Director Jorge Azanza explained that the changes are a reflection of the organization’s greater objectives when Landa took over as president two years ago: to return the Euskadi Fundación team to a top-tier level of competition, to commit to maximum effort at every race, and to win back the confidence and hearts of the fans in the UCI Pro Team category. 

A new professional team of 20 racers will start competing at the first part of the 2020 season, beginning at the end of January in San Luis (Argentina) and in the Mallorca races, to establish themselves in the circuit and pave the way for their return to Itzulia in April. In between races, the professional team will continue racing in the national circuit – Valencia, Andalusia, Murcia, Catalonia and more – as well as events in France and Italy on a regular basis.

Today’s news also revealed that the existing sub23 team and the women’s team will continue racing during the 2020 season. Support and development have been at the core of both teams’ progression, with Fundación Euskadi supporting some of the best racers in the Basque Country so they can develop as competitive cyclists in events around the world. 

But the Fundación Euskadi isn’t solely about professional sports and athletic progression. Since their beginnings, they’ve advocated for the Basque community and supported programs that benefit its residents. As the organization pushes into 2020, they’ve pledged to invest even more into supporting and promoting social initiatives that involve recreational sport, bikes and sustainable urban transportation.

During the announcement, Fundación Euskadi shared their thanks to the people and entities who have supported the team and who continue to invest in this shared goal: employees and team staff members who grow the organization from behind the scenes, day after day; Fundación Euskadi members who generously contribute financial support, making even the smallest donations go far; all the partner brands that have committed to an adventurous and progressive cycling program of this size; and the public institutions that have been working for years to promote recreation and cycling and ensure that the quantity and quality of professional sports events in our region never stops growing.

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