The cyclists

  • Jone Otaola Llano Jone Otaola Llano
  • Miriam Gardachal Bozal Miriam Gardachal Bozal
  • Paula Suárez Chasco Paula Suárez Chasco
  • Uxue Albizua Zubizarreta Uxue Albizua Zubizarreta
  • Zuriñe Otaola Llano Zuriñe Otaola Llano
  • Ainhize Barrainkua Aguirre Ainhize Barrainkua Aguirre
  • Nekane Gómez Ramos Nekane Gómez Ramos
  • Garazi Abecia Ruiz de Sabando Garazi Abecia Ruiz de Sabando
  • Ainara Sanz Vaz-Romero Ainara Sanz Vaz-Romero
  • Isabel García Pinedo Isabel García Pinedo
  • Elena Cuenca Salazar Elena Cuenca Salazar

Technical Staff

  • Ángel Urreta Sports Director

The Material


Ever since we manufactured our first bikes in 1931, we have lived in the world of competition. We design machines with an eye on performance; elegant tools that are also light, fast and efficient. The last chapter shared with the name ORbea-CArbono, which we abbreviated as Orca. A name that announced our arrival in the top level competition bicycle segment.


Clothing is some of the most important material any cyclist uses. It must be comfortable and fit perfectly, with smart fabrics and different options. And all accompanied by an incredible design.

Etxeondo makes some of the best garments on the market, that are comfortable to wear and that cyclists show off with pride.



Orbea’s R10 helmet is designed just like our bikes: weight, strength and aerodynamics are combined in a perfect balance to create the best possible results.

The R10 is an elegant, effective weapon to tackle any race on the calendar.


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