The cyclists

  • IRANTZU BELOKI @irantzuu13 IRANTZU BELOKI @irantzuu13
  • Yurani Blanco @yuraniblanco Yurani Blanco @yuraniblanco
  • TANIA Calvo @taniacalvobarbero TANIA Calvo @taniacalvobarbero
  • Elena Cuenca @eleniitaa15 Elena Cuenca @eleniitaa15
  • IDOIA ERASO @eraaaso IDOIA ERASO @eraaaso
  • GARAZI ESTEBEZ @garazi.e26 GARAZI ESTEBEZ @garazi.e26
  • Olatz Gabilondo Olatz Gabilondo
  • XUBANE GARAI @xxubbaneeee XUBANE GARAI @xxubbaneeee
  • Ariana Gilabert @arianagilabert Ariana Gilabert @arianagilabert
  • Sandra Gutierrez Sandra Gutierrez
  • Amaia Lartitegi @amaialarti Amaia Lartitegi @amaialarti
  • USOA OSTOLAZA @usoa_ostolaza USOA OSTOLAZA @usoa_ostolaza

Technical Staff

The Material

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