A new era begins

Orbea and Etxeondo join forces to relaunch the Euskadi Cycling Foundation.


Orbea makes bikes and products that they feel passionate about and this is why they believe in treating each customer as an individual. Not only at Orbea but in the Basque region there is a philosophy of making customized machines one by one, not producing huge numbers of identical products. Since the very beginning, Orbea has made every effort to develop equipment for the specific needs of the owner.

Orbea’s competitive spirit means that their all of their equipment must use advanced technologies. Their efforts at personalization always begin with designs that must withstand the hardest conditions. From kids bikes to entry-level triathlon to endurance road to World Cup XC, the bicycles are intended to help riders achieve any goal. Orbea customizes, they build for durability and they reach for the next level because they love challenges – They don’t want only to compete, they want to win.


Garments designed with passion, perfected by the best riders in the most important races, deeply rooted in tradition. Since 1976, Etxeondo has manufactured high-performance and meticulously designed cycling gear. Nowadays, its obsession for quality and innovation means that this brand is still the trusted choice of many riders around the world.

Etxeondo’s history begins in a small shop located in a small village of the same name in Villabona, near San Sebastian (Basque Country). Its founder, Francisco Rodrigo, who began his career in the world of haute couture, worked for some of the best brands, such as Dior and Balenciaga, until his love for cycling inspired him to design a range of clothing that would become synonymous with absolute excellence, from both an aesthetic and a sports perspective.

From the very beginning, he paid exquisite attention to every last detail; he devoted himself body and soul to creating the best product, handmade from the best materials from the best suppliers, relying on his tremendous craftsmanship. That obsession for quality holds true even today. Etxeondo invests in highly qualified and experienced staff members who feel proud of their product and what their company represents.

Etxeondo is still a family-run company; they work together and ride bicycles together. A passion for sports continues to motivate all its members. The company still designs each piece locally in Irura and manufactures it in Castejón (Navarre, the region where the legendary Miguel Induráin was born).

Each design is perfected on the road, in the tree-lined climbs and winding descents of the Basque Country, with the help of demanding professionals who take part in emblematic races. Some of the most important teams and best cyclists have formed part of the Etxeondo family, among them, Delgado, Induráin, Kelly and Contador. From the cold and cobblestones of the northern classic races to the heat and high peaks of the grand tours, a garment only moves on to the production phase once it has been perfected down to the last minor detail.

Etxeondo blends design and functionality: garments designed to look good, feel even better and make the most of what you have to give. Through a combination of innovative high-performance fabrics and painstaking design, this material satisfies even the most demanding of cyclists.

A morning ride with friends? The toughest of training days? Top level competition? We’re Etxeondo. Ride with us!


Surrounded by people of confidence, the employers that make this exciting project of the Euskadi Foundation possible are Jesus Ezkurdia and Iosu Badiola.

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